Dave & Mahoney

Dave & Mahoney have been radio staples since joining forces 10 years ago. Every weekday morning from 5-10 a.m., Dave Farra and Jason Mahoney, along with Audrey Lee and Producer Ian, tackle anything and everything from the U.S. and the whole damn world. From sports to pop culture to all the weird and wild stories that happen every day, the guys will give you a taste of it all!

Dave\'s Bio:

Dave is slightly taller and fatter than most people that you know. He loves his work on the Dave and Mahoney Morning Show, as well being a play-by-play announcer for the World Poker Tour and Tuff Nuff MMA, an NFL host for IMGLive, and a bunch of other side projects you probably don’t care about. He has a beautiful wife, a 2 ½ year old daughter (with another daughter on the way!) and a really old Puggle named Bailey. She has terrible breath. 

Mahoney\'s Bio:

Mahoney is taller and fatter than Dave, who is taller and fatter than most people you know. He goes through a vicious cycle of gaining 50 pounds every even year and losing those 50 pounds every odd year and this has been going on for the past 10 years or so. He loves craft beer, fine Padron cigars and has an unhealthy obsession with dachshunds and watching golf on television. He’s engaged and has been with his lovely lady for the last 7+ years. They don’t plan on having a wedding so don’t ask. 

Audrey\'s Bio:

Audrey Lee is a southern girl. She was taught to be polite to everyone while growing up in Alabama — and to be mean to every Louisville fan when she attended the University of Kentucky (GO CATS!). 

This girl loves sports. She doesn’t even have to know what’s going on to be in attendance. (We really think she just goes to games for the beer and hot dogs, but we don’t tell her that.) 

Audrey has ran multiple 5k charity races, including benefits for JDRF, cancer research, domestic violence survivors and drug rehabilitation. She loves reaching out to the community and supporting causes she believes in. 

Wait? Have we mentioned Audrey loves animals? Like, not just loves them. We are talking LOVES THEM! We saw her cry while watching puppy videos on YouTube just the other day. 

Ian\'s Bio:

Ian, from a medical standpoint, has no butt. Some would call it just a lower-lower back, but he doesn\’t let that get him down. He makes up for it by living and breathing the Dave and Mahoney Morning Show. You can usually find him at a local dive bar or out in areas that people are generally too afraid to go to. That’s the way he likes it. When he’s not working on the show, you can find him lounging on the couch with his two cats Sweaty (AKA MetLife Insurance Company) and Holden (AKA Molden AKA Momma).