Rick Styles

So, They asked me to talk about myself. My name is Rick and I LOVE music. ALL music. I have been a DJ since April of 1994. I started out as A Mobile DJ locally. I only did it part time and my radio career started by chance. I was also managing a restaurant and used to bring in food to a station. We would talk about my specials and I mentioned to the DJ “Hey, im also A DJ (Radio DJs HATE hearing this BTW) and if you ever need someone to fill in on a weekend, I would love to.  Well, that next week they had someone call in and needed a guy to work and I got the call.  I felt like I was getting called up to the big leagues, lol.  That was around 2004 I think. I also had a syndicated dance music show for about 4 years. After working for two other mobile DJ businesses, I decided to make the leap and start STYLES ENTERTAINMENT.  I DJ many styles of events including weddings, live concerts and wherever there is a party.   That was 7 years ago. I love LIVE music and attend as many concerts as possible. Who is your favorite to see?

Besides music, I am a single dad to 4 boys. Yes, I have my hands full. I am a big Packers and Brewers fan. I do like the Bucks but not nearly as much. I prefer watching those with friends and a drink.  (I know, its weird that I don’t prefer them live.)  When I’m not working I love chillin’ by a fire with a few drinks and friends.


TV- Into The Badlands, Gotham, Who’s Line Is It Anyway

Movies – Any James Bond, Jason Bourne, but Animal House is my favorite

Music – Linkin Park, Pan!c, Green Day, Fallout Boy, Rage

Drinks – Rum, Vodka, and Bourbon


What do you like?​