My name is Nikki and I am excited to join the 96.9 the Fox team.  I am a Wisconsin girl…though I did spend my first 5 years in Minnesota…we can still be friends right?  I have lived in N.E.W for over 20 years…so it is now my home!  I love living here…and everything it has to offer…I could live without some of the snow and the cold…but I can deal with it to get the beauty of the other seasons.   

Some of my favorite things include:  Golf:  I have glimmers of greatness, but mostly I like hanging out with my friends, enjoying a beverage and basking in the sun!  Motorcycles:  Wish I could drive, but I am really good at the ride along…and being a Harley Chick!  Mascara and lip gloss, natural beauty is not really a thing in my world, but I congratulate those who have it going on!  Music: I love live music…that usually means we are hanging out at a cool venue, with our closest friends and enjoying every minute of life.  Being In the Know:  I love to be involved in my community.  I belong to a variety of Boards and Committees for community organizations and work hard to make sure that our community continues to grow and move forward in a positive direction.

My favorite thing about 96.9 The Fox…is that the songs take me to a specific place…Whether it is a throwback to showcase where I was 10 years ago…or telling a story that I can currently relate too:-)  Some of my favorite artists include:  Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots along with Imagine Dragons, Panic! at the Disco and 30 Seconds to Mars.

You can connect with me at @kissmenikki on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram!