Bracket Buster

We’re down to 16, we’ll get you in the paint for a 1 in 16 chance to win  a Samsung 55 inch TV with Soundbar and tickets to see All Time Low at The Rave in Milwaukee. 

Listen to Max, March 20th thru the 23rd, he will give you a chance to pick what teams gonna win the whole  thing.  To make things interesting, once you pick a team…it’s still in play for everyone else.  So, in the end, you could win it all,  it could come down to a drawing…OR …everyone could lose.  Wouldn’t that be funny?…oh, we CAN’T do that?  FINE.  If everyone loses it’ll be another draw…which isn’t as funny.  The Bracket Buster is thanks to 4 Imprint HEAD ON OVER TO THEIR APPLETON HIRING EVENT ON EISENHOWER DRIVE TUESDAY MARCH 21ST! WITH PRODUCTION POSITIONS UP TO $22/HOUR!   The 2023 Bracket Buster with 4 Imprint and 969 The Fox