Santa’s Sack

Once again this year, 969 The Fox invites you to grab ahold of Santa’s Sack…..of Super Cool stuff!  Even better, this year we will be dangling more sacks in your face.  Listen middays, Nov 28-Dec 9, 11am-2pm for the Kris Kringle Keyword.   Then in the 3pm hour, Max will ask you to be caller #9 on the Fox Phone Lines and re-gift that keyword .  Do that correctly and Max’ll ask you to choose a sack. Depending on which sack you choose, it could have Fox swag, vinyl, Bluetooth speakers or ??  But wait, there’s more!  Winning a sack makes you eligible to win the Grand Prize Santa’s Sack!  Which has an Apple Watch, Bluetooth vanity mirror, and a $100 certificate from Wagner Market!  Get ready to empty Santa’s Sack all over your room with 96.9 The Fox