Dave Kerr | Being Drunk Looks Good On You

One of the coolest bands you unfortunately didn’t give enough attention to was Teenage Casket Company. The Brits brought the poppiest, most melodic and high-energy music to the world that housed itself somewhere between Pop Punk and Hair Metal. (But the good Hair Metal, not the shrieky, screechy crap.) Although not an “official” member of the band, Dave Kerr was a touring guitarist and if there’s one thing Teenage Casket Company was known for was the vocals. EVERYONE in the band could sing. Everyone … including Dave Kerr. The bassist Rob Lane has toured with Bulletboys and he’s currently in the up and coming Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors; lead singer Rob Wylde is a brilliant songwriter and rocker who fronts Midnite City (a band you NEED to hear); and wouldn’t you know it, Dave Kerr found his own voice as a frontman, guitarist and songwriter with his new release Being Drunk Looks Good On You.