What’s In The Box?!

WHAT’S IN THE F*****G BOX?! We here at 96.9 The Fox also have a box. We want you to guess what’s in the box. Guess correctly and the item is yours! Is it a plate of lasagna? Could it be the keys to a slightly used Honda Civic? Maybe it’s actually a severed head? Okay, it’s not a severed head, but it’s just as mysterious!

HOW TO ENTER: Call in to Max weekdays starting October 7, 2019 when you hear his cue-to-call.The first person to get through the line get’s to log their guess. If you get it wrong, don’t worry, you’re still a winner and will walk away with either a pair of tickets for an upcoming concert at The Rave. The first person to guess correctly will also win the contents of the box!

In the event that no one guesses correctly by the end of the contest, we will randomly draw a winner from the pool of entrants.

Round 4 – Official Rules